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Recycled Pallets are dismantled at our facility after we eliminate them from your West Palm Beach, FL, center, or task site. We build recycled pallets for our customers by sourcing pallet parts that may be recycled. Recycled and reclaimed wood items consist of the huge bulk of what enters our.

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Pallets are dismantled at our facility after we remove them from your Palm County area facility or project site. We construct recycled pallets for our customers by sourcing pallet components that may be reused. 

Keeping wood out of landfills is one of our primary objectives as your neighborhood pallet recyclers. An important natural resource, wood is one we feel should be reused and recycled as much as possible to promote a better environment.

It doesn’t matter how many times you try to recover your pallets and fix them, they will eventually stop working. To find out what to do with your damaged pallets or skids, contact us for advice. You can count on us to pick up and remove all sizes of pallets and skids for recycling.

Quality Pallet Recycling

West Palm Pallets Plus is a company that recycles wooden pallets and provides a selection of standard and custom-sized sustainable pallets to match your requirements. We can provide re-manufactured wooden pallets that have been restored using high-quality recycled pallets to satisfy your unique requirements.

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In the economy we have now, businesses and institutions recycle pallets because it saves them money on the cost of throwing away trash. Recycling also saves valuable resources, cuts down on the pollution caused by making new things, and creates jobs. Too often, they only get used once and then get thrown away. We’re lucky that all we do is reuse and recycle pallets.

Efficient Workmanship

A collection and recycling service is provided by West palm Pallets Plus for all of your unused pallets. Weekly, monthly, or one-time clearing are all possible with our service, and all reused pallets are eligible for generous discounts. 

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Our service will be designed to match your unique requirements, with refunds for excellent stock and a minimal price for stock that requires stripping or chipping, which will be deducted from the overall rebate amount in the event of a rebate claim. If you require any further information on the foregoing, please do not hesitate to contact us.