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If you’re searching to purchase high-quality used wooden pallets, West palm Pallets Plus is the only company you should consider working with. 

For years, West palm Pallets Plus has been offering high-quality services to the pallet business with efficiency and effectiveness. It is our major goal to give our clients the most cost-effective and streamlined solutions possible for their particular company needs.

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Recycled pallets are readily available at West palm Pallets Plus. While your business will benefit from the financial savings, you’ll also be making a positive influence on the environment. As a bonus, you’ll find that used pallets tend to be drier than newer wood. Recycled pallets are more durable, lighter, and less prone to mould since they have less moisture buildup.

Reliable Service

Our Target are people looking for pallets in the west palm beach bay area. Our reconditioned wooden pallets are of the finest possible standard. When you purchase from us, you can count on the pallets to be in like-new condition, even if they have been used. We understand the importance of timely delivery of our products. Choosing us as your supplier means that we will always put your needs first.

Why Used Pallets

  • Buy used pallets to save money
  • Recycled wood pallets are an eco-friendly way to reduce your carbon impact.
  • Pallets are assessed on structural and aesthetic fixes. 
  • A-Grade recycled pallets are more consistent than B-Grade pallets and never need stringer/runner maintenance. 
  • Since A pallets have been shipped less than B-Grade pallets, their look is superior. 
  • B-Grade secondhand wooden pallets are cheaper than A-Grades.

Wide Variety

Used wooden pallets are available in a variety of styles and sizes from our inventory. Because we believe that nothing should be thrown away, we provide old wooden pallets. It doesn’t matter if you need a huge or a little number of old wooden pallets. When it comes to making sure your items are handled correctly and delivered on time, you can count on our helpful staff.

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Our pre-used wooden pallets have been thoroughly inspected to ensure that they fit your needs. We offer Supper Fast Pallet Delivery and a discounted rate. We’re pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our employees and those who work with us!